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Get to know Aaron Garth: Youth Studies Coordinator

Tell us a little about yourself…
I am a husband to an awesome woman. A father to five little characters (four girls and one boy). I am a high school dropout and first in my family to go to university.  I hold a B. Soc. Sci (Youth Work) and a Master of Social Work as well as a few minor qualifications. I have worked over the past 14 years in the youth and social services field and for the past two years I have coordinated the Youth Studies discipline at Eastern College Australia.

What’s your church background and involvement?
I started going to a Baptist church in my youth and now attend an Anglican missional Community in Melbourne’s Outer Northern Suburbs

What are your hobbies?
When I get to them (I have five kids remember) I love to work on cars and play guitar.

What are you passionate about in today’s Christian context?
 As a Church we are desperately in need of people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and meet the least, the last and the lost in their context. My passion is training those people to meet young people in their schools, their homes, on the streets etc. As a Church we currently have very little contact with the young people who really need us, I want to change that.

What is your hope for Eastern College Students?
That they will see the gap before them and work out the best way they can fill it. We need you to make Church relevant to a community that doesn’t see that any more.

Aaron is the Youth Studies Coordinator at Eastern College Australia
Discover his courses here: 
Bachelor of Arts in (Youth Work)
Graduate Diploma in Arts (Youth Work)
Youth Studies can also be taken as Bachelor studies in Theology, Ministry, Mission or Biblical studies.

Connecting With The Community Through Art

IMG_5817Last Friday night Art and Soul in conjunction with the Eastern College Art and Community Development class ran a community art project developed  by Cymone Levell to celebrate the opening of a new Community Centre in Cranbourne, Casey. The idea behind the project is that although community’s like Casey are strong, it is the people within the communities that add the colour and life. Below is the original tree before the colour and life was added by the Casey residents.

The second is the tree after the community has added colour and life.  Art and Community Development students from Eastern College Australia joined lecturer Dr Michelle Sanders, these students, Lisa Grant, Gerard Ferron and Tara Harkness assisted Cymone in leading Casey residents through creating this art piece.

 IMG_5815 copyIt was a great night with people aged between 2 & 92  participating by painting a piece of tree and adding a leaf, they then added any embellishments they wanted like flowers, butterflies, etc. They then folded the card in half attached to the inside a randomly chosen quote of thanks which hopefully spoke to them about someone in their life to which they could pass it onto. Spreading the colour and hopefully further strengthening community.

plain treeTree


Wongathu CAPS

Last month Michelle Sanders, lecturer in Creative Arts and Community Development, took the team from Wongathu CAPS on a street art tour.
They came back to the College and created artwork that answered the question:

If you could say anything to the people of Australia, what would you say?