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Student Story: Hannah Stanley – Bachelor of Education (Primary)

When we ask our students what they love most about studying at College, or what they think is distinctive of MST & Eastern, one word that always comes up is community.

The word community has roots in the Latin word Communis, which comes from a combination of the Latin prefix “con” (which means “together”) and the word “munis” (which relates to action). At MST & Eastern we do things together; we worship together, learn together, serve, struggle and celebrate together. All in all, we try to do life together.

To help create an environment that builds and bolsters community, the Student Leadership Team have the very important position of Hospitality Leader. Practically speaking this role involves vital behind the scenes work. This includes stocking the student fridge and the ‘Holy Roller’ (the student snacks trolley), and supporting Student events, which for this Semester was the weekly ‘Hi-Tea’. One of the key components of the role is to make sure that students don’t get hangry and that there is easy access to sugar.Student - Hannah

This year we were very blessed to have one of our Bachelor of Education students, Hannah Stanley, as the Hospitality Leader. Hannah shares a little bit about her experience:

“This year I put my hand up to serve as the Hospitality Leader on the Student Leadership Team (SLT). The decision to become a student leader was in response to a tug on my heart. It was a rather spur-of-the-moment thing, but I’m glad I responded and volunteered. I’m choosing to remain on as a student leader in 2020 because I’ve enjoyed being on the team. The thing I enjoy most about being on the SLT is the people; the team I work with. They’re pleasant to be around and have always made me feel welcome and at ease. I’ve loved hanging out with them during my time on SLT this year.”

Hannah has done a fantastic job of looking after the student body and making everyone feel at home here at College. We thank her for all of her hard work this year and for signing up to serve our community next year as well.

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