Joy in My Calling – A Student Poem

Written by Tanya Weinber – Living In Christ Student Presentation

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” (Frederick Buechner)

Where is my gladness, where’s my joy found
Is it found in me oh no how profound?
Or does it run deep, far greater than me
I have searched my heart, this is what I see.

A life once marred with sin and shame
Has now been set free as Christ took the blame
For all of my sin past, present and future
Ready to serve God, with Christ as my tutor

How do I live and how do I serve?
This to me, a steep learning curve
To submit everything and all I’ve believed
To the one whose Spirit I have now received

Now ready to serve and to live life for Him
Reading the bible was a good place to begin
To learn of His love and to offer Him praise
To search for my mission now fixed on my gaze

I see that His hand is in all of my life
Through the good, the bad and through times of strife
How do I know what my mission shall be?
I need to seek further to know where he’s placed me.

Leading a life filled with his Spirit
Encouraged by God to follow, not fear it
He opened my eyes in so many ways
To see His unique plan that would bring Him praise

I work for psychologists and see broken souls
He gives me a desire to help as my goal
Sending me searching and wondering why
He’s sent me to college, I don’t want to apply

Obeying immediately was not my first thought
I procrastinated, not doing what I ought
Harder for me to understand what to do
My first semester at college, left me feeling blue

But God in His wisdom equipped me to pass
Knowing this fact helps me attend class
To bring Him the glory and finish my course
I want to obey in love, He does not force

Once finished my studies I know where I’ll work
God’s given me a passion for those some will shirk
A passion to help those who are gender-confused
Who need Christ’s love and not be abused

God brought across my path an American friend
Whose dad was transgender, she needed to mend
From abuse and hurt only God could have fixed
Meeting Christ through her husband she was now transfixed

Starting a ministry to help those in need
Sharing Gods love and seeing those freed
From a life that is full of so much confusion
Strength given by God the only conclusion

My desire to learn and understand what this meant
Was placed there by God there’s no argument
The people I’d meet and the places I’d go
This topic of conversation would begin to flow

One day at work my boss asked a question
Come to a meeting, beyond my comprehension
To hear from a person who suffered this way
Asking God ‘What on earth?’ to this very day

All these “chance” happenings left me with no doubt
God has a purpose to bring this about
How it will be and what will occur
Only God knows this, I just need to concur

So now I can see how God has this planned
To one day be able to fulfil His command
In a capacity that meets those gender-confused
I’m ready and willing now Lord to be used

I’m not sure where or how this will go
I’m scared out of my wits that’s what I know
But God in His wisdom and mercy and love
Will give me the strength that comes from above

I look forward to seeing how God brings it about
This is His will, I have no doubt
This topic follows me where ever I go
Why God chose me? I don’t really know

What I have come to see and understand
It is far greater than me what God has planned
To place this compassion into my heart
For people society have set apart

So answering the statement listed at the start
My gladness and joy comes out of my heart
For people who are part of this minority
To show them God’s love my first priority.

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