Constant Through the Change

We start this year full of gratitude and thankfulness to the One who provides us with the purpose of all that we do here at Eastern. It’s a new year, new faces, new blessings and new challenges!

Recently one of my friends remarried after the sad death of his wife. He is now happily married but also enjoying the challenges of a blended family with an instant doubling of the number of children they both had before! Double trouble- double joy!

At the end of 2018 we likened our relationship with MST to that of a couple dating with all the delight and also the awkwardness of two different people getting to know each other. However NOW I believe that it would be more accurate to depict the MST-Eastern community as ‘one big happy blended family’.

From Left to Right: Justin Tan, Angelo Cettolin, Tim Meyers, Peter Riddell, Peter Tyrrell

In our MST-Eastern community we have such a diverse group of individuals all made in the image of our Creator God.  However, I don’t want to paint an overly idealistic picture of a ‘perfect family’. Like any family made up of unique individuals with distinct personalities and characteristics ours is definitely not perfect! Nevertheless what ties us together is that we serve a perfect God who strengthens us by His empowering Spirit with His right ways of being and acting, His peace and His joy (Romans 14:17). Just like any family, we go through challenges and unwanted struggles, but we experience so many more moments of beauty and God’s grace as He blends us into His family giving us a taste of what our final reunion in heaven will be like.

One of the benefits of two colleges creating one family is that we now have twice the number of wonderful traditions that we observe together. Though it’s only March the year is flying by and it’s crazy when we think of everything that has already happened so far. For a glance of what our college life is like here’s a brief update…

We were so proud on the 5th of February as we celebrated our 2018 graduates with prayer, fellowship and of course celebrations with their family and friends at our Graduation Ceremony.

On the 12th of February MST and Eastern came together for Orientation Day and kicked off the 2019 academic year with a first combined colleges Commencement Service, dedicating this year and our community of faculty, staff and students to our heavenly Father.

Diane, Tina & Sue welcoming students at Orientation

Our first week of semester was a buzz of excitement as we worshipped together in the new chapel for the first time. There was a tangible sense of anticipation as we packed out the space. Aesthetically the amount of light that now streams through the windows is uplifting and the improved acoustics all create a beautiful space to reflect and worship our glorious God.

To wrap up our Semester 1 start, students, friends and families all enjoyed a merry and fun filled Brunch on the Lawn with games, jumping castles and wonderful fellowship over a delicious spread.

We are also very pleased to welcome Youth Dimension to our community on the Wantirna campus, starting 2020 and we look forward to the building of a new generations youth centre!

So although this new year brings many new changes, new students, new members to our faculty, a new chapel and new partnerships, we serve a God who remains constant and faithful through it all and is joining us into His heaven-focused joyful blended family.

We thank you for walking with us and hope to see you some time during this year,



Angelo Cettolin



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