Outbound to the Outback – Reaching Beyond

By Kathryn Forrest, Bachelor of Education Student at Eastern

In late September I joined a team from MST-Eastern’s student body on a missions trip to Kununurra. Flying from Melbourne to Darwin, we drove the long journey from the Northern Territory into Western Australia. There we stayed at a property owned by the Christian radio ministry ‘Reach Beyond’ who transmit the Gospel to the Asia Pacific region. Whilst in Kununurra we spent a lot of our time with the pastor of Living Waters Church and his family. Spending time with them, we were able to see a bit of the work that they do with the Indigenous community and were able to meet some the people they work with and help out around the church.

The Team
Left to Right: Peter Tyrrell, Eve Tyrrell, Diane, Kathryn Forrest, Bernie Power

There were a couple of reasons I wanted to go on this trip. Firstly, I had never been on a missions trip before so I wanted to see what it was like and get an idea if God wanted me to do further missions of some sort in the future. I also wanted to get a feel for what it’s like living out in Kununurra. You hear a lot about the problems and difficulties in some of the remote communities but I wanted to see what it was actually like out there for myself. I was also hoping to hear from the Indigenous people about their thoughts and perspectives on some of the difficulties their community was facing.

While in Kununurra we were also able to do a few sightseeing trips. We had a tour of Reach Beyond’s radio transmitters and heard about the wonderful work that they do. We also travelled to the town of Wyndham, visited a very beautiful waterhole and watch the sunrise over Kununurra from Kelly’s Nob. I enjoyed seeing the outback landscape and seeing some of the wildlife, especially the green frog who lived in the bathroom sink!


The problems in Kununurra are very complicated and there are no straight answers to them. Those who work in the middle of these difficulties face a huge challenge, but God is a Mighty God. I think that they do an amazing job and though it must be very hard at times there is always hope and comfort in God through Jesus, especially when you have a strong sense of God’s presence and His will for you to be where you are.

It was lovely getting to know the family at Living Waters and getting to meet some of the other locals from Kununurra. It was a great experience, one which I still need time to process. My prayers continue for the people who live up there and for those who work in the greatest areas of need and the amazing work they do. I’m very grateful for our lecturer Peter Tyrrell’s hard work and all who were involved in organising the trip. I’m also very grateful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to go!

Kathryn watching the sunrise over Kununurra from Kelly’s Nob
Kathryn watching the sunrise over Kununurra from Kelly’s Nob.

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