Our new recruits at Eastern in 2018.
Our new recruits at Eastern in 2018.

Last year was a hectic year, full of huge change for us at Eastern and one of the highlights that Vice-principal Angelo identified was having four new people join the team. Here’s what they have to say about their first year at Eastern.

Daisy: Enquiries & Student Engagement Co-ordinator, VET Administrative Assistant

“It has been an exciting year to join the team at Eastern and I love being able to work with the students! It’s amazing to now be a part of this wonderful community and an honour to be a part of what God is doing through equipping students to do what they love but also to build His Kingdom.”

Grace: Communications Manager at Eastern and MST

“Working at MST & Eastern has surrounded me with incredible Christian sisters and brothers devoted to serving God through Christian Higher Education. 2018 has been such a blessing and has truly grown a passion in me to see Christians know and live out God’s Word and be well equipped to be His hands and feet in whatever context he has gifted them to shine in.”

Mary: Senior Lecturer in Education

“It has been great working here surrounded by people who love and fear God. I have felt accepted and supported and it is always a joy to turn up for work at MST-Eastern. Thank you for being truly the hands, feet and heart of Jesus to me. Blessings.”

Stuart: Digital Communications Specialist at Eastern and MST

“This first year of working at MST & Eastern has been a joy. One of my favourite things has been the privilege of working in such a wonderful environment where all the staff and faculty are fellow Christians and we all have serving God at the heart of all that we do.”



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