Student Life: Christopher MacLeod

“I began studying at Eastern out of a desire to freely explore theology, the Bible and all things Christian. This has been fundamental for my spiritual formation, as the college has been an environment that has empowered me to deeply consider and analyse theology, and by doing so, helped me to communicate the God-given passions of my heart to Christians around me.

As an educational facility, Eastern has equipped me to lead, teach and preach to great effect. I have been exposed to a variety of theological perspectives and learnt to respectfully and compassionately co-exist, challenge, and be challenged, by these perspectives.

As a place of spiritual formation, Eastern has fostered a humble culture that is brilliantly reflective. Students are always encouraged to turn their penetrative analysis inward, in order to ensure that rhetoric and action remain unified. The culture at Eastern reminds its students that theological exercise should be, at its core, simply an exercise in loving God.

As I write that previous statement, I remember lecturers who had such an awareness of their intimacy with Christ that even the most boring lecture was made compelling and alive as they couldn’t help but express their love for God with relevance and poignancy to the subject!

In the future, I hope to perpetuate this ethos, by loving Jesus and teaching others to do the same. The academic and spiritual culture at Eastern has enflamed my passion for God, and I hope to someday do the same for future students by becoming a lecturer (among other pursuits) myself!”

Christopher MacLeod has completed undergraduate studies at Eastern in the Bachelor of Theology and is currently studying a Masters in Practical Theology at Eastern College Australia. He is also a church planter in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and a passionate advocate for the oneness and unity of Jesus’ Church.

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