Art Wouters Farewell

After over a decade teaching in the counselling field at Eastern (and Tabor Vic) our beloved ex-South African colleague Dr Art Wouters has taken on another position in postgraduate counselling at nearby Stirling College. At Eastern we are always pleased to see our faculty move onto the next phase of their development and specialisation. While we are sad to see a colleague move on we are blessed that Art is on the same campus this year and will still be involved in future adjunct teaching from time to time for Eastern. You will know the Dr is in the house when you see his Harley motor bike sitting at front!

Eastern will continue to deliver quality Counselling studies both at undergraduate and now at postgraduate level with our new Masters in Community Counselling directed by Dr Julie Morsillo. We are also currently looking for a replacement lecturer for our undergraduate teaching position.

We thank Art for his significant contribution to developing Eastern’s counselling specialisations and we wish Art well and God’s blessings in his new endeavour. We look forward to hearing about his progress in the future.

Rev Dr Angelo Cettolin
Dean of Faculty and Senior Lecturer in Theology & Ministry

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