God and Personal Vocation

A beautifully written and insightful excerpt from current Bachelor of Arts student from her recent capstone class Integration of Vocation and Faith.

The interrelationship between the call of God and my personal vocation:

“The call of God refashions the eyeglass through which I regard the function and utility of human work. Contemplating my personal vocation in light of the general call to participate in the body of Christ (1 Cor 1:27), to make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19) and to love both God and my neighbour (Mt 22:37-39) reframes the implication and objective of my work. Indeed as a consequence of the interrelationship between faith and vocation my work is completed with the anticipation and gladness that the fruit of my employments belong to an intention greater than my own. The call of God reimagines human work as a means to worship God, edify the neighbour and participate in the re-creation of culture, therefore my faith offers context to my work as a service performed on behalf of my neighbour and as an image-bearer of the dignity and creativity of Christ. Furthermore, the call to establish the Kingdom of God heartens me to complete my vocation in the expectation of heaven; thus I endeavour to recondition the context in which I work with the meaningful hope of heaven. In whatever form I determine to implement my God-given abilities and God-given personality the call of God ensures that it is for God, for others and for the expansion of the Kingdom that I work and create.”

– Alissa Piner

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