Get to know Sarah Michael: Lecturer in Education

Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m married to a wonderful man and have two lovely children. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education from university in England I taught in England, India and Bangladesh before moving to Australia. I continued primary teaching alongside other roles until my first child was born. I studied for my Master in Educational Leadership and began as an adjunct lecturer with Tabor (now Eastern) while home with our two young children, and then began my current role as Professional Experience Coordinator with some lecturing in Education.

What’s your church background and involvement?
I have grown up with the church being prominent in my life and have attended a range of churches due to numerous moves. The one constant has been finding a Christian ‘home and family’ in which to participate, and have enjoyed being involved in worship groups, children’s, youth and adult group leadership. I have attended Bridge Church for as long as I have been in Australia.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy being outdoors enjoying the country, driving, walking and camping with family and friends. I love cooking and creating opportunities for people to spend time together, preferably with something yummy to indulge in (chocolate brownie anyone?).

What are you passionate about in today’s Christian context?
That Christians have and take the opportunity to add their voice and bring a Christian perspective across all aspects of society, from the Federal level to the local community level, in order to bring God’s kingdom values into people’s daily experience. I am specifically passionate about this in relation to the schooling experiences that children and young people receive.

What is your hope for Eastern College Students?
That they will find their place to contribute to their community, taking with them a knowledge and love of God, a love of people and a love of learning.

Sarah is a Lecturer and the Professional Experience Coordinator in Education
Discover her courses here: 

Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

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