Life as an Eastern Student: Lisa Grant

“Although only a short way into my part time Visual Arts Degree I have found Eastern College to be both challenging and inspiring.

I went to get an education in order to facilitate my plans for future work and have discovered that I have been challenged, stretched and grown in mind body and spirit through attending Eastern. I have grown not just in knowledge but in faith.  I have a greater belief in myself and am more confident that I can do something to make a difference.

Justice Conference painting

Looking to do a visual arts degree, with a view to branch into Art Therapy, I began looking around at various universities and colleges. In my searching, I discovered Tabor (now Eastern) not only offered an accredited Visual Arts Degree, they also integrated Christian spirituality through the curriculum and not just as individual bible or faith subjects.  This was very attractive and challenged me to consider doing my degree at Eastern.  To add even further benefits, Eastern also offered a minor in community development subjects, not something I had heard of before, it offered a perfect segue to apply what I was learning about visual arts.

While only a year or two into my part time course, I have been challenged stretched and educated in so many ways.  In the midst of my busy life of part time work, family responsibilities and other community connections I started the course thinking I would get in do the study and classes and get out, only to discover that the relationships and conversations with lecturers and fellow students challenged and blessed me beyond what I had imagined and is an invaluable part of the learning experience.

 One of the stand out benefits is the integration into the subjects of hands on projects and participation in events in the community.  This has revolutionized my idea of ‘classroom learning’ and exponentially inspired, challenged and improved my capacity to learn and understand.

Lisa Grant Painting

 I have found Eastern is a supportive and helpful environment where students develop professionalism in their thinking and learning. As a mature age student re-entering a learning environment after many years, Eastern offered me encouragement and practical support – offering classes in basic skills of essay writing. I would highly recommend Eastern College.

Thank you to Eastern for offering such a stimulating faith filled professional learning environment.”

Lisa Grant
Bachelor of Arts student

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