Note from Angelo Cettolin, Director of Masters Programs

IMG_2146As someone involved in pastoring a new church in inner city Melbourne I know how critical it is to be integrating theology with the best sociological and organizational insights. Passion and cool latest fads are not enough to keep you going you over the long haul or to build sustainable effective organizations or projects.

While teaching at Eastern my wife Robbie and I are seeking to create a new Christian community in an inner city precinct. This place is a crazy eclectic mix of cultures, values and lifestyles. Here I regularly meet “Peter” begging a few doors down at my local supermarket and greet my neighbour four doors down who drives the latest Maserati.

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Meeting in the local community centre is far from the safe suburban church setting but it encouraging as we see new young urban professionals finding community mixing it with more established Christ followers. It is exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.

Where do I get my fuel from? Much of it comes from rubbing shoulders with other sharp and innovative thinkers and practitioners who already have some real world experience. These are colleagues who are Spirit-empowered Jesus followers involved in professional and significant organizational settings. So what could this mean for you?


This is where my cohort of thinking practitioners can come in to play. We are seeking to create a supportive and yet stretching environment with our Masters in Practical Theology at Eastern. Our intensives- mostly run over a 5 days- are designed to enable you to study while remaining in your context whether that’s a business setting, church ministry, an NGO or mission organization.  If you are interested in graduate study and researching in a way that will be relevant to your context contact me and lets see what program can be  designed to suit your needs.

Be challenged. Be change.

Dr Angelo Cettolin
Director of Masters Programs

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