It Began With A Divine Conversation: Kylie Butler

Managing Director of Christian Coaching Institute and Generations and Emerging Leaders Pastor at Baptist Union Victoria, Kylie Butler, reflects on her experience studying at Eastern College.

“I began my time at Eastern, with a divine conversation with Cheryl McCallum. I was unsure about my next steps for study, and she shared with me the outline of the Masters program. It seemed to fit my study personality so well; I loved how it was based on questions, research of both current context, historical context and theology.
Kylie photo pic 2015-2
Was study easy – no way, I was juggling 2 jobs, family and study throughout my entire Masters program. However, it was some of the most practical, useful and helpful study I have ever done. I was implementing what I had learnt immediately into my work context. One of my favourite parts was the final semester completing a research project on why young people are leaving the church (in Australia) and leaving faith and what helps them to stay. This was immediately applicable to my role at the Baptist Union of Victoria, working in generational ministry. My research project was submitted to the BUV leadership team and my role adapted to reflect the recommendations made in my research project. I enjoyed my learning time at Eastern, it has helped to ask deeper, more contextual and reflective questions about life and faith, and also given me a theological depth to ministry I didn’t have previously.”

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